Tuesday, May 7, 2013

first date- a short story

heya guys!
so, i've been debating whether i should post this short story (flash fiction) i wrote a couple years back.  seeing as the last person i shared it with read it before bed and proceeded to have nightmares... it might be a little intense.  but i get a chuckle out of it, and i fear that i have come across as pretty uptight and lacking in the ability to laugh at dark humor lately. and i want to show that that isn't true.
also, i'm trying to have the guts to not be scared to post my opinions, stories, and whatnot, for fear of what others will think of me.
WARNING: contains language and controversial content, read at your own risk
(i really hope you like it)

-vic caswell

                Her breath smells like cotton candy. 

She stretches onto her tiptoes to whisper in my ear.  “I don’t have to be home for another hour.” Her lips are so close to my ear, goosebumps rip down my arms. Elena loses her balance for a moment and her boobs brush against my arm.  Oh my God, I just touched a boob.  Does that count?  Keep cool, Doug.  Keep cool…

 Ah, Hell, she’s still talking.  

“Huh?”  I pretend like I was watching the bearded lady and the tall man make out in the shadows between two tents.  It’s not a total act.  If they get it on tonight, I wonder what kind of freak babies they’d have?

“I said,” Elena wraps both her arms around my neck, her fingers twirling in my hair.  “I’ve still got an hour.  You wanna go to your car or something?”

My car?
Dude.  She wants to go to my car. 

Her hands are so tiny, I can hold both of hers in one of mine.  We head back to the parking lot.  Just walk slow, man. Make her think she’s not the first girl you’ve taken to your car. 

It’s late and all the moms and pops have taken their kiddos home.  Now, the freaks have come out to play.  A clown with a rainbow ‘fro takes a drag of his home-rolled smokes and checks out Elena’s ass as we walk by.  The snake man and two midgets- err, little people- whatever the hell they want to be called- duck into a tent, smiling suggestively at each other.  Damn, the circus is like an effin’ aphrodisiac to these people.

 At least it works for Elena too.

We get to my Camino- I know, right? -and I open the passenger door for her. Elena arches her eyebrows at me, pleased at my gentlemanly ways.  She’s definitely going to let me touch her boobs tonight.
I head over to the driver’s side, but something catches my eye- a flash of white moving through the windows of a car down the way.  I should probably check it out.  Be the brave guy.  I bet that’ll get her hot.

I pull the door open, and pop my head in.  “Be right back, babe.” 
I should get a leather jacket. I’m a total bad-ass.

Nothing looks out of the ordinary as I stroll around a few cars. There’s popcorn and peanut shells all over the place.  They crunch under my feet as I make my way back to the Camino.  Damn waste of good food.

I thud down into the driver’s seat, because real men thud, you know. 
Elena looks scared. “Where’d you go?”

“Nowhere.  Thought I saw something, but it was nothing.”
“Oh. So, it’s safe?” 

“Yup.  Don’t you worry, babe.  You’re safe with me.”  Her legs are parted, and I take the opportunity to place one hand halfway up her thigh. 

She leans towards me, and we’re kissing.  Her tongue traces the inside of my upper lip.  She turns herself, and she’s facing me, leaning into me, pressing me against the window.  She wants me bad.   She straddles me- oh, Hell yes- and I run my hands down her back, and palm that ass I’ve admired for so long.

Cold metal bands snare around my wrists. 

Handcuffs?  What the Hell?  How’d she do that?  I don’t know if I can handle that kind of kink, this being my first time and all.

Then she isn’t kissing me anymore.  She leans back, my arms handcuffed in a loop around her.  She smiles, but not at me, at something behind me.

My eyes dart to the rearview mirror. 

He smiles at me too, but the smile is painted on in thick red makeup on a white face, one black diamond under each eye.  He’s lost the wig, and his hair falls in black, greasy clumps. 

I want to scream, but the blade he digs into my Adam’s apple demands silence.

Elena laughs- a giddy, uncontrolled laugh.  I’ve never heard her make that kind of noise before.  She leans forward, her boobs press into my face, but it does nothing for me.  

Then she’s frenching the psycho clown behind me.  They make all kinds of wet slurpy noises.  Her hips are grinding against me.

I’m going to puke all over her boobs.

After what feels like forever, she pulls away from him.  Blood red makeup - but black in the darkness- smeared from her nose to her chin.  She looks at me, and runs one finger down my chest, and keeps running it down until her hand rests on my fly.

“So, what do you wanna do with this one?”  She smiles sweetly at me, just like the day we met in Home Ec.

I can’t look at her anymore.  My eyes go to the rearview again, where he’s staring right back into my eyes.  His mouth isn’t smiling.  Not even the makeup anymore.  Elena’s made as much of a mess of him as she has of herself.  But his eyes smile at me.  No, more than that.  They laugh at me, as though he sees right through me.

“He’s your catch, snickerdoodle.  What do you want to do with him?”

Elena giggles and claps her hands like a kid at Christmas.  Then she runs her hands through my hair, surveying my face.  She’s thinking so hard, I can almost see the hamster running the wheels behind her eyes. 
Suddenly, she snaps back, her voice caressing the words.
“Let’s bleed him.”

He hands Elena the knife and she twirls it in her hands for a minute, then she sets to work on my throat.

Funny the knife doesn’t hurt, just kinda stings a bit as she draws a smile from one of my ears to the other.  I feel the gush of warm fluid down my neck and I know it’s over.

Fuckin’ clowns.


Emily White said...

Oh man, I remember this one! Still gives me chills.

vic caswell said...

@em- :) yay! i lurve disturbing my friends. is that wrong?

Emily White said...

Yes. Yes it is. :P

L.C. said...

Ahhh! I remember this, too! ^_^

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

And that's why clowns are creepy! Very effective, Vic.

Elsie said...

Eating a supreme french bread pizza was probably not a good choice while reading this. =P

What a great story, Vic. Well told and had the perfect amount of creepiness and gore to capture my attention.

vic caswell said...

@lc- :D glad it stuck in the ole'memory banks.

@alex- darn straight, sir. i hate clowns.

@elsie- hi! nice to meet you. i'm glad you liked it. :D