Saturday, April 20, 2013

podcast fandom

i suffer from a pretty obstructive and persistent case of enochlophobia- the fear of crowds.  depending on the size of the space, usually more than seven people in a room and i'm starting to lose my breath.  a lot of it is dependent on the noise and my hearing difficulties- essentially the noisier the people the less of them i can handle.

you can imagine how this would make things like running errands or grocery shopping difficult.

one of the most effective coping tools i have is my mp3 player.  it helps block out the dissonant noises of the crowds, and gives me something to focus on other than the swarming masses of people and their troubles.  

thus, my obsession with podcasts.
i probably wouldn't have started listening to them if i didn't need them in a way.  but i'm really glad i have.

my current favorite is called 

they're a little risque from time to time and pretty silly usually, but they get into some deep topics and provide unique outlooks.  the best part about their show is that they never fail to be hilarious.

anyway, the other day i won a pin from them with their logo on it. and today they arrived in the mail, and there were three. and while i'd love to hoard them all, i thought it might be a better idea to give them away.

so, the first two people to listen to the POPODCAST and tell me that they're new PO fans will each win one of the pins.  

and trust me, EVERYONE who listens will be a winner!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I will check it out.
Is that you? Wow, look at that smile!

Emily White said...

There's my gorgeous Vic!!! Boy do I miss skype. :(

vic caswell said...

@alex- i hope you love the show!

@em- ugh! i miss it too! grrr!