Monday, April 29, 2013

Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers

there's something about the style with which summers writes.  it always feels so genuine- as though she actually is within the character's head- as though the characters are actually speaking.

their decisions and hopes and heartbreaks and flaws feel so tangible.  you are transported within them and every blow and ecstasy envelope you.

i have never been able to walk away from a courtney summers book unaffected or meh or numb to what has transpired.

and therein lies the brilliance.

FALL FOR ANYTHING holds equal sway.

i really, really despise spoilers.  so, we won't go into too much detail.  but if you love contemporary- stories that make you think and feel- this is a definite recommend.
if you're looking for something light or funny or magical or romancy, i would suggest looking elsewhere.  not that there aren't elements of some of those things within this novel, but that this novel is something more, something you should read while you're aware of what you're in-taking   it's a novel you should pay attention to.

well-crafted with a quick pace and achingly, genuine characters, FALL FOR ANYTHING by courtney summers is a story you won't be likely to forget.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sounds a little heavy and outside my genre. But glad you enjoyed it, Vic.

vic caswell said...

:) it's very good, but i think best when the reader is in the right mood.

Sarah Ahiers said...

ooh, i might have to check this out!